Hair Clipper Electric

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2021 New Hair Clipper Electric hair trimmer Cordless Shaver Trimmer 0mm Barber Hair Cutting Machine Beard Cutter Razor for Men     Item 1: AliExpress Lowest Price Quality...

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2021 New Hair Clipper Electric hair trimmer Cordless Shaver Trimmer 0mm Barber Hair Cutting Machine Beard Cutter Razor for Men



Item 1: AliExpress Lowest Price Quality Products in 2021

Limit comb size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm




Note: Item 1 products all come with boxes


Item 1 products all come with boxes


Item 1 products all come with boxes




The seventh round of product price reductions in 2021 will be a big discount, and the lowest price of the following products will start at $6.89.




The lowest price, the same quality as before

Excellent metal die-casting and metal surface treatment technology, every detail shows excellent quality.



Special Recommendation-2021 Paris Flagship Version (2000Mah Lithium Battery Capacity, 10W Power, Representing the Highest Manufacturing Level of Hair Clippers)

The shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is more textured and artistic.



Item 2: More excellent products for you to choose





Product category and configuration

Use USB to charge directly. It can be used on computers, power banks, USB sockets or other devices with USB ports.

1). Sauron-Black;
2). Sauron-Gold;
3). Bronze-LCD;;
4). BlackCu-LCD;
5). Buddha-LCD;
6). Black-LCD;
7). Siliver-LCD;
8). BlackGold-LCD;
9). Bronze-USB;
10). Skull-USB;

In order to create the greatest value for our respected customers, our products are divided into without boxes and with boxes. The price without box is affordable.


Five core designs ensure a very good product experience


Core Design 1: Innovative frequency conversion motor 7000 rpm, powerful power, fast hair cutting, save a lot of hair cutting time.



Core Design 2: 1200mah large-capacity lithium battery, can be used for nearly one month after charging for 1.5 hours.

Note: The above data is calculated based on household use. The specific usage time is based on the following reasons:
1. Frequency of use;
2. The time of each use;
3. The effect of hair quality;

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all people can meet the above data standards.



Core Design 3: Smart USB charging control chip, direct charging, avoid the trouble of using battery.



Core Design 4: The high-strength titanium alloy cutter head has higher mechanical strength and longer service life.



Core Design 5: The unique industrial design and excellent laser engraving process create an extraordinary visual impact.




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